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Perhaps the most recognized symbol of Christmas is the Christmas tree. Each year families across the world put their Christmas trees up, creating and carrying out traditions that have spanned generations. At Kathy Shore Nursery, our tradition is cultivating and nurturing our gorgeous North Carolina Christmas Trees into the highest quality Christmas trees you will find. With great care, our trees are managed year round.

When the time comes to begin cutting trees for the holiday season, only the best trees are selected. Kathy Shore Nursery takes great care with the trees harvested on our NC Christmas Tree Farm. Based on customer specifications, each batch of Wholesale Christmas Trees is loaded onto trucks and shipped straight to you.

In addition to the traditional method of shipping trees loose, Kathy Shore Nursery offers a revolutionary way of packing and shipping trees. At Kathy Shore Nursery we will palletize your order. Palletizing is the newest form of shipment for Christmas trees. Palletizing allows trees to be handled by forklift, saving time and money for our Wholesale Christmas Tree Buyers.

At Kathy Shore Nursery, choose from three beautiful Christmas tree species. We are proud to offer not only the beautiful, well-known Fraser Fir Christmas Tree which is the pride of our Blue Ridge Mountain North Carolina Christmas Tree Farm, but we also offer the elegant White Pine Christmas Tree as well as the distinctive Concolor Christmas Tree.

Kathy Shore Nursery is dedicated to providing the best possible Christmas tree to you and your family. Not only do we offer quality Wholesale Christmas Trees, we have a wide range of hand crafted greenery products from Wholesale Christmas Wreaths to Luxury Christmas Garland. For more information on our Wholesale Christmas Trees or palletizing your order, call Kathy Shore Nursery. Start a new tradition with Kathy Shore Nursery!

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